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  • Bio

    I am a software developer in Brooklyn. I helped grow a high-frequency trading company into one of the top 10 firms in the world for volume, I built the tech for the first online property bought by MTV, and I've done software engineering for Twitter. Columbia University awarded me for excellence in teaching engineering.

  • Dayo

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    Daily weather on your lockscreen

    Tells you the weather like a human does, by the time you wake up.

    Lead developer and co-product lead. Still actively working on this. Used it to learn Parse platform. Experimenting with algorithmic content generation and the lockscreen/push notifications as content medium.

    Tech I used: Swift, Obj-C, JS, Parse service

  • Underground

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    Pseudonymous group messaging app: "Share thoughts with people like you"

    Co-developer, co-creator. A labor of love, but never clicked with users. Biggest rails backend I've built, with decent testing framework and worker queue. There’s lots here that I’m still waiting for a more prominent product to deliver.

    Tech I used: Obj-c, Rails

  • eHighlighter

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    eBook-style highlighting for real-world books

    Updated this app to address 2 years of UX/UI issues and feature requests. Used it to learn ios. The big stumbling block to this being better is the so-so proprietary OCR we’re using.

    Tech I used: Obj-C

  • Hudson River Trading

    Algorithmic trading

    I was an algorithm developer, coder and trader for 6 years, as the company went from 10 people to 100+. I learned a huge amount about problem solving and data science, and how much more important steady application of intelligence is to hard problems than genius. I was never really that into finance, but I loved working with smart people.

    Tech I used: C++, Perl, Python, shell scripting

Hiring me

  • Intro/summary for recruiters
  • Consulting/freelance: $150/hr. No surprises, initial phone conversation is free.
  • Rate for nonprofits: $100/hr. No surprises, initial phone conversation is free.
  • Recommendations:

    "Ben engineered an ace online video platform that made our show's website interactive in a way no one had ever done before, and helped us get the show picked up by MTV.” --Morgan Spurlock

    "Benjamin has been a crucial asset to the Presidential Administration. I recommend him without reservation." --Mikheil Saakashvili, former President of Georgia

    "Thanks for doing the impossible, with a smile." --Ryan Troy, Twitter Live Global Lead

    "We'd like all of our partner organizations to gain insight from your work!" --Christy Crawford, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Industry Engagement, Computer Science For All, NYC Department of Education

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